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Voice Lessons and Studio Policies

The students


From 7th grade through adult, I welcome students from all backgrounds. I enjoy teaching beginning through college level students.


Responsibilities of Students


Vocalizing and breathing exercises should be done daily, if feasible. It's recommended that students practice their repertoire at least four times per week however the length of time is dependant on their abilities. Parents can help by creating a distraction-free practice space for their child. All students need to arrive at in person lessons or log into online sessions at the designated time to ensure their lesson begins promptly. If anyone is late, it will shorten their session time.


Lesson scheduling


Lesson scheduling should be done through my scheduling site. A new student meeting must take place before starting, so please contact me via the website to see if I am taking on new students. Once verified, I will share the link for the scheduling site. This should be used for making, amending or cancelling lessons. If a same day change is needed, please let me know by email or text. Should you wish to continue after a leave of 4 weeks or more; contact me first to check my availability.


Lessons can be taken in person or online - if you are ill, please cancel or switch to online lessons)


I ask that you arrive punctually. Due to the structure of my teaching schedule, I am often unable to extend lessons for those who are late. If there is another lesson being conducted when you show up, kindly make yourself at home and remain quiet. Parents should not simply drop off their children; please be sure to confirm my presence in the studio first. You are welcome to leave during your child's lesson but must return promptly once it has concluded. In some cases, students feel more comfortable taking their class without parental observation, so please bear that in mind when deciding if you would like to stay or depart.


Lessons missed


Make-up lessons due to illness must be completed within the time limit of your lesson plan.


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