Voice Lessons and Studio Policies

     I accept students starting 7th grade through adult and enjoy teaching beginning through entering

college level students.  


Student Responsibilities
   Students should do their vocalizes and breathing exercises every day, if possible, and

should practice their vocal repertoire a minimum of four days per week with the length of

time to be determined by the student’s level. Parents can assist young students by helping

them schedule specific practice times, and by providing a practice space that is free from

distractions. Students should arrive at their lesson on time. My commitment to each student

is to start their lesson promptly. If you are late, it will shorten your session.


Scheduling lesson 

    Lesson scheduling should be done through my scheduling site. Before beginning lessons, a new

student meeting is required. Please contact me through the contact link on this website to verify if I am 

accepting new students and if  I am, I will provide you with the scheduling link. This scheduling site

should be used for scheduling, rescheduling and canceling lessons. Please email or text me if a same day

change is necessary. Also, if you have taken a leave of more then 4 weeks, please verify that I can accommodate you before scheduling a lesson again.


     Please arrive on time.  I am unable to extend the lesson times for those who arrive late.  If another lesson is being taught when you arrive, please make yourself comfortable and sit quietly.
Parents, please do not just drop your children off; make sure that I am in the studio. Parents are encouraged to leave during the lesson, but may stay if your child allows. Often students prefer to take their lessons without parents watching and listening. Please be sure to return promptly at the end of the lesson.


Missed Lessons
     Your lesson time is reserved exclusively for you; make-up lessons due to
illness  must be made up within the month.  Credit for the lesson is not carried to the next month.  If you must cancel a lesson, please call by 7:00pm the night before your lesson. If you do not contact me by 7:00 pm the night before your lesson, the lesson will not be made up and you will be charged for that lesson.


Discontinue lessons
      In the event that you discontinue lessons, you are responsible for reserved lesson times for the rest of the current month (there are no refunds).  Notice of discontinuation should be given to me at least 2 weeks prior to the end of the 


Lesson fee
$32 - 1/2 hr, $48 - 45 min, $64 - 1 hr. Lesson fees may be paid on a monthly or quarterly basis.
The returned check fee is $35.
Lesson fee reserves your exclusive lesson time, it is non-refundable and it does not include books or supplies you may need.

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