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"I first came to Kathy’s vocal studio a few years ago, soon after I retired, with the hope of extending my vocal

range a few notes.  Little did I realize how much more she would teach me!  Kathy is nothing short of amazing. 

With the utmost grace and good humor, she is able to analyze my singing, pinpoint areas in need of

improvement, and give me strategies that really work. She is like a detective, never resting until she has

figured out what is happening, and then exploring different solutions to find the technique that works best for me. 

Together, we choose songs for me to sing that are both beautiful and challenging.  And together we work

to develop my performance of these songs into something I am proud of.      
During our lessons together, Kathy’s delightful personality shines through.  She is patient and kind, upbeat and

encouraging, warm and humorous.  In addition to her incredible teaching abilities, Kathy is a supremely talented

musician and vocalist.  It is a delight to hear her demonstrate a vocal exercise or a phrase in a song with her

beautiful, crystal clear voice, and a thrill to sing duets with her.  
I have sung and performed in vocal groups, large and small, all my life.  But I have never had voice lessons

before working with Kathy.  What a difference she has made!  I have always loved to sing, and now I love it

evenmore…..because of Kathy.  
             - Joan Evans, former student


"I wish all teachers were like Kathy. I took voice lessons with Kathy for several years. With her training, I

went from being a sloppy belter who would only sing pop songs to a versatile, confident and controlled

soprano. Kathy tailored our lessons to my interests and my voice, but still made sure I had the classical

grounding needed to become a well-rounded, polished performer. She's thorough, patient, dedicated to her

students, insanely talented and a musical guru. Her warmth, kindess and optimism make lessons a delight.

She's one of area's  most accomplished vocalists and anyone is lucky to study with her!"    

- Giovanna Frank-Vitale,  former student


"Kathy is fabulous! She makes you feel so comfortable and wants you to love singing. I really appreciated that she let me pick songs that I wanted to sing. She was able to help me choose songs that were fun and also appropriate for my voice at its current stage. I looked forward to seeing her every week. She is the kind

of voice teacher that becomes your friend."

-Robin Vacek, former Albright College student


"As an aspiring student under Mrs. Crusi's guidance, I depended on her solid expertise and sound technical advice to help enhance my vocal capabilities in pursuit of a performance career. As a working professional performer, I continually rely on the information Mrs. Crusi shared to continue improving, learning, and maintaining a successful career. Every new professional experience begins with recalling and building upon the foundations Mrs. Crusi laid for me."    

-Ricky Dieter, former student


"I worked closely with Kathy for 6 years. In that time she improved my vocal performance tremendously and additionally was a great mentor. I came to her as a very shy singer. I wouldn’t even practice unless I had the house to myself. Kathy gave me confidence in my singing and improved my technique ten-fold. I had a range I was comfortable with and Kathy carefully expanded that. Her confidence in me was infectious and I couldn’t help but challenge myself under her guidance. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to improve their vocal abilities. She’s extremely talented and a wonderful role model. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher."   

 -Jennifer Corroon, former student


"Our Daughter has been a student of Kathy Crusi for 10 plus years and we have found her to be an outstanding vocal teacher. Ms. Crusi is extremely knowledgeable in her field and is conscientious and caring concerning the welfare of her students and their voices. Her knowledge of voice and vocal technique are above reproach. Ms. Crusi goes above and beyond as a vocal instructor, she is also a confidant and friend. We give Ms. Crusi the highest recommendation as a vocal instructor and any parent would be proud to have her as their childs' teacher."   

- Tom and Jody Glossner, parents


My recommendation of Kathy Crusi as a vocal coach and mentor are nothing short of prodigious instruction.  Her personal background and lengthy resume have definitely prepared her to bring many levels of knowledge and understanding into her studio.  She is patient concise and encouraging.  Her work as my vocal coach and mentor has helped me to bridge into many new and exciting proposals as an actor.  She gave me all the fundamentals that I needed to tackle my many auditions in the Big Apple and across the country.  With my sincerest gratitude I give Kathy Crusi a five star recommendation.      

- Jennifer Miller, former student


"To attend a concert by Katherine Aregood-Crusi is to be guaranteed an evening of artistry. With an angelic voice, impeccable control, and impressive ease within a wide range of styles and genres, she brings music to life and always leaves the rapt audiences wanting more!"    
     - Kathy Judd, Director, Washington Conservatory of Music

"I have worked with Katherine Crusi as an accompanist and have seen her perform in both opera and recitals. Not only does she have a beautiful voice, with impressive range and flexibility, but she is a fine musician, always meticulously prepared. Her onstage presence is delightful; she conveys drama and nuance with her face and body language as well as with her voice."    
    - Susan Pena, Music Critic for the Reading Eagle, Private piano teacher     

"From her thrilling pianissimos to crystalline coloratura technique, Katherine Crusi is an artist of virtuosity and flair.  
She is equally at home in opera, oratorio, and the recital stage.  Her singing is full of grace, sensitivity, and musical maturity.  As an educator she is knowledgeable, caring and concerned for those under her tutelage."

     - Brian R. Gibson, Opera Singer & Vocal Coach

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