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Awarded "One Of Philadelphia's 12 best Voice Teachers" 8 years in a row!
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Voice Lessons in Abington, PA

Now offering
online lessons


Welcome to my voice studio page, I'm Kathy Crusi.


Having taught beginner to college level voice lessons for the past 20 years in Ambler, PA, I consistently find challenges and rewards with each new student.


For busy schedules, I offer weekly or bi-weekly lessons in 1/2, 3/4, or 1 hour slots Monday-Thursday. Other days and times available by special request.


In addition to learning about breathing, producing a clear, resonant sound, achieving consistent resonant vowels (phonation), and expanding range and strength, I encourage you to explore your love of singing. Ultimately, students are encouraged to develop and find their own sound.


As well as weekly lessons, I recommend students record their lesson exercises to practice during the week. The at-home work is essential for learning and understanding your instrument and developing consistent vocal technique.


When choosing music, I take into account the goals and interests of each student, and I will do my best to help you learn and explore the music you enjoy.


I look forward to working with you on developing your own special talents.


Kathy Crusi

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